Facebook is a fantastic tool for generating high quality mortgage customers.

The trick is knowing what works and what dosnt’t when it comes to the complex mix of paid and organic.

A Facebook image ad is a simple and successful method for meeting advertising objectives on social media.

A captivating image that sells your key value proposition and funnels users towards your lead funnel is extremely beneficial.

It can increase social media presence, website interaction and your brand awareness.

Not to mention help you generate more leads.

What is a Facebook Image Ad?

Grabbing the attention of an individual with one single image isn’t that hard. People are always on the lookout for interesting, exciting visuals. It’s picking the right image that’s the challenge. What speaks to your audience? What is most likely going to grab their attention? Elevate can help you find that out.

We work to capture the imagination of your customers. This can be difficult as you may only have a Facebook user’s attention for less than a second. Although, the proper image only needs a second to obtain a scrollers attention, pulling customers into learning more about the products, services and brand.

A successful Image Ad can lead to:

  • Page likes
  • App engagement
  • Page post engagement
  • Brand awareness
  • Click-throughs to website

Event Responses for Facebook Image Ads

Facebook image ads can also help drive responses to events your business may be holding. An image ad for an event should provide enough information and visual appeal to entice a user enough to click on the event and explore.

Facebook Website Link Ad

A captivating image is the best way to attract people’s attention. Now that you have it, you need to provide them with some sort of follow through. A Facebook website link ad has an accompanying link with the image so that possible customers have an opportunity to engage further with your business content.

Elevate can run various Facebook website link ads for your business which are compelling and drive page likes, brand awareness and engagement past the initial advertisement.

Facebook Video Ads

Video Facebook ads appeal to people looking for more than just a beautiful image. A video ad goes to lengths to draw in possible customers. Providing people with rich content in the form of a video, these ads can be used to influence consumer action and increase website conversions.

Facebook Video Ad Format

A Facebook Video Ad should tell a story that captures the essence of your business or products. But, it should also give value back to the viewer, making them feel like the time spent watching your video was worth it. Elevate can help create your next Facebook Video Ad and make sure that it receives views from potential customers.

One of the main ways to instigate views for your Facebook ad is to make sure that it’s engaging without sound. People on Facebook are likely to continue scrolling past your video if it’s main appeal conveyed through audio rather than visual elements. Remember, a Facebook Video ads sound won’t play unless it’s clicked on. A video that begins with engaging visuals is more likely to grab and maintain a scrollers attention, prompting them to click and view the video.

Elevate can help orchestrate Facebook Video Ads so that they catch users attention and lead to:

  • Views
  • Click throughs
  • Engagement
  • Brand Awareness

Facebook 360 Video Ad

A Facebook 360 video can be more than just an ad; it can be an experience for audiences which amazes and informs them. Environments come to life with 360 ads, putting people in the driver’s seat to interact and explore how they please.

Elevate can help you harness the benefits of a 360 video ad which gives your audience even  more opportunity to explore your content.

Facebook Video Link Ad

With a Facebook Video link Ad you can guide your viewers through the conversion process while a video plays. With a video link ad customers can take action while the video continues to play. Keeping them engaged until you’ve won them over and they’re ready to make a purchase decision.

Elevate will help build your Facebook video narrative so that the flow between the social site, your Facebook content and your own sites content feels seamless. We will also:

  • Increase your video views
  • Push conversions
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Create click-throughs to website
  • Increase page post engagement

Facebook Slideshow Ad

Using images we can help you create a story. A Facebook slideshow ad will consist of 3 to 7 images designed to be viewed in succession. The story that unfolds over the length of the images is up to you.

Creating a narrative with just a few images can be difficult. Elevate can help you determine the best use of your images to create a slideshow ad which attracts attention.

Presence on a social site is an essential move for any effective business, one that a lot of businesses have taken a shining to in recent years. Creating engaging content has proven itself to organically attract customers to businesses. Although you may only be scratching the surface of what’s possible on your social sites. Elevate will help you expand beyond commonplace content distribution by leveraging the use of effective social PPC marketing strategies that your competitors aren’t even aware of, let alone skilled in using.

Ads placed on social sites have proven to be highly effective. Using website analytics Elevate are able to deliver dynamic ads that speak to your target market. With tailored ads delivered to users depending on their search preferences, your ads are much more likely to reach those more likely to buy.

Best of all, these pay-per-click ads only cost your business when they are clicked on. Providing definitive data that shows the percentage of visitors that have been converted into a lead or sale, you can track the effectiveness of your campaigns. What’s more is Elevate will help you deconstruct this data, giving your business and Elevate insight into the best performing strategies. Helping all of us to calculate which future campaigns will have the greatest impact on making these social users regulars visitors of your sight.

Lead Generation Campaigns

Information is digitally abundant, and in this time of over-saturation it’s no longer about getting your content out there, but making it attention-worthy in an information-rich environment. Elevate can help you cut through the copious amounts of content and make your campaigns interesting, accessible and shareable on social platforms.

Using paid and organic lead generation strategies Elevate will help you curate content that has value, generating interest from online users. Prompting peer-to-peer sharing of your content which adds to the authenticity and reliability of your campaigns. After all, users are more likely to trust campaigns that are recommended by friends or family.

Adding as much value to your content as possible is the best way to encourage lead generation from your audience. Using the platform best suited to your marketing needs we can help implement strategies that encourage sharing through rewards and prizes, increase engagement based on opinions and prompt real-time action as they view your content.

Ad Campaign Optimisation  

Implementing a Social PPC campaign isn’t a set & forget measure. In order to gain the best ROI from your campaigns you have to optimise the effectiveness of your campaigns at the best times.

Elevate will help you identify the critical stages of the ad campaign process. At these important points there are specific actions which need to be taken so that you can get the most out of your campaign. This includes using analytical metrics to determine the effectiveness of an ad campaign. As well as harnessing the power of tried and tested monitoring platforms and improving customers first click experiences using well prepared landing pages.

Facebook Content Design

Creating high quality Facebook content should be one of the top tactical priorities for your business in moving ahead as a social advertiser. Although it does involve a lot more than mastering the written word, or being able to produce interesting visuals. It’s often a combination of a variety of content formats that best appeals to social users. Elevate are ready to help you combine these facets into cohesive, interesting and shareable content for Facebook.

It’s important to nail your actual profile before you begin creating quality content. A comprehensive about page, links to other socials and custom visuals are all key components that help establish the foundation for a good social site.

We then go on to help you build the content that will help attract visitors. Brand specific, consistent, relevant and most of all engaging content will naturally result in more visitors to your page.

Facebook Ad Management  

Elevate is a Prefered Facebook Marketing partner and brings thumb stopping creative to one of the world’s largest ad platforms. Elevate Dynamic Retargeting integrates deeply with Facebook’s  Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), delivering the most relevant offers based on your website analytics.

Are You Using Facebook To Get More Leads & Make More Sales?

Facebook is the largest social network in the world with X number of daily active users, this means it is a massive opportunity for small businesses to get more sales.

Leveraging Facebook as a communication channel is a great way to help your business grow your business.

Facebook Remarketing

You can re-engage people who have already visited your site via the social sites they use. Curated ads that show users the things they have already visited have the possibility to reignite people’s desire to buy. A simple visual cue might help remind them, or the advertisement of a deal on a product they have previously viewed could help clinch the deal.

Monitoring the people who visit your site and then feeding that information to Facebook helps you build a Facebook custom audience. This is filled with people who are more likely to click on your Facebook advertisements and make purchases on your website.

Cross-device advertising

Never let a lead disappear just because they swap device. Keep your prospects coming back with cross device advertising. Elevate helps its customers capture user attention regardless of the device they are using, from desktop to mobile we have them covered.
With versatile ads that adapt across platforms, your advertising will never look out of place on any device.