Who are your ideal users and what are they searching?

The web is a powerful tool, especially for those that understand the potential of organic reach and how to harness it to better reach your potential customers.

As a SaaS start up that is fully bootstrapped we need a consistent way to acquire customers for the top of our funnel.

While we capture a large amount of users from the chrome web store listing for our chrome extension it only manages to capture people that are looking for a task management solution, but Swell can be so much more that a simple to do list.

Swell can help people organise and track sakes leads as a simple and totally free kanban style CRM.

It can help you plan out your work for university or school as a flexible project planning tool.

Or it can help users plan the perfect holiday including where to go and what to pack.

So as you can see we have some pretty endless options for long tail search queries that will help us capture user attention as the search through different search engines looking for solutions to their problems.

By creating informational articles that totally answer the searchers queries we can get a steady drip of new potential customers to our website and then hopefully into the Swell app itself.

Great SaaS SEO strategies use a mix of technical expertise and creative flair to capture users impressions and ultimately their clicks.

If you do it well you can take your SaaS business to the next level of organic user acquisition.

We leave the snake oil sales at the door and focus on ideas that are tested against a rigorous framework of high tempo testing and iteration.

I guess you could say that we let the analytics do the talking and leave the opinions at the door.

We help a range of different clients in many different industry verticals.

Ensuring that their business is at the top of the list and foremost in mind when ideal customers are looking for their product or service.

Planning SaaS Keywords for long tail SEO

Before we jump into the basic SEO formula the real tactics that need to be discussed are user intent otherwise know as search purpose which we have briefly described above.

Once we have a basic idea of what a user is going to search for then we can start to plan out keywords for that search persona.

Does your SaaS page really need On-Page Optimisation?

Unfortunately, pretty pictures and a few flashy words aren’t enough to get websites noticed anymore. It takes a well-thought approach that considers the way users are searching for your content.

Gearing the technical and creative aspects of your page so that they are visible to searchers is integral.

Building a tailored site structure that represents your mortgage business is paramount.

will first help you build the surrounding structure that encourages effective SEO. We will then model your creative so that it plays into search and viewing habits.

I will:

  • Develop uniquely valuable content that encourages linking from other sites
  • Build your content so that it’s readymade to be shared on social media
  • Incorporate Keywords that boost your materials rank
  • Provide UX inspired design that lets browsers easily navigate your site
  • Make your content available across multiple devices

These are all ranking factors which influence the SEO of your website. Elevate takes a considered approach to their implementation, making sure they come together to form an effective web page.

Link Building and Outreach For SaaS

We commit a serious amount of time to link building. We have to. Link building is one of the more effective ways to increase SEO. A link from an authoritative website can direct a significant amount of traffic to your site.

Link building is also about outreach, and content marketing requires businesses to build relationships with individuals, organisations, and influencers who have an impact on the market and the decisions of consumers. Elevate encourage and practice link building outreach which can help develop your business’s relationship with other sites that direct high-quality traffic back to your site.

My aims to increase the visibility of your site and the awareness of your brand.

Technical SEO For SaaS Companies

An unsung hero, technical SEO performs in the background making sure that your page ranks and that websites get seen. Elevate lay a strong foundation using Technical SEO so that your pages content, first of all, gets seen, and then can shine.

We implement technical SEO which makes websites easy to identify for search engine spiders, so your page appears in results.

I deliver multi-device ready, customised websites that have background technical SEO in place to make sure they’re at their optimum visibility for potential customers.

Looking to fill in the blanks on your website? Have you got a vision in mind, but you’re struggling to articulate it? Are you in desperate need of getting words on the page?

It sounds like you’re in need of a copywriter. But, not just any “Joe Blow” who can string a sentence together. You need someone who understands the intricacies of content and how to use copywriting to help put your business at the top of the digital food chain.

Elevate provide their clients with marketable, engaging and tailored content that consumers are bound to read. We offer Copywriting on demand that is coherent, captivating, informative and in line with the voice of the business. Because what good would a copywriter be if they couldn’t speak for their clients.

We speak your audience’s language

Creative Copywriting involves getting into the mind of every client’s audience. Understanding them, writing for them, not at them and giving them content they can latch onto.

This will differ from business to business. Because every business is unique, the first thing we do at Elevate is we try to understand your audience so we can deliver the best web copywriting services possible. Using branding documents and style guides we begin to paint a picture of both you and your target audience. This initial research informs the tone of voice, the length of writing and of course the sort of actionable marketing content we produce to cater to your customers.

As this culminates, what clients are left with is content that is ready made for your audience, leading to conversions online. Our copywriters are excellent at adapting. This means they’re reading to capture the voice of small businesses but can also express the vision of any large company.

What copywriting services should your SaaS consider?

Website Copywriting

Elevate copywriters are not only here to flesh out your website with quality driven content, but we’re also here to make sure that content drives the business forward. Great web copywriting involves more than just articulation; it also requires an ability to understand the online market and how to make it work for clients. That’s where an SEO copywriter can put your business above your competitors.

How can an SEO copywriter help me?

An efficient digital copywriter needs to understand the importance of Search Engine Optimisation. SEO ready content can put your website at number 1 in Google rankings, help boost your website traffic by thousands and instigate continuous growth for your business online.

All of Elevates copywriters are trained in SEO copywriting, making sure that each piece of content is built to rank.

Creative copy for digital marketing campaigns

If you’re looking for content that engages and truly captures the imagination of your audiences then look to our copywriters. Elevate copywriters can weave together content for your next online advertising campaign which effectively communicates the benefits of your brand to customers.

Our digital copywriters are well versed in creating online marketing content. Utilising each campaign to push readers through a funnel which sees them interacting with the website content and ultimately leading to conversions.

They’re also accustomed to writing content for mobile marketing campaigns, developing content that is tailored to readers short attention spans on mobiles. Or they can adapt their writing style for the personal approach required for email and newsletter marketing. Making sure that each deliverable piece of content feels immersive and individualised enough so that interaction occurs.

Creative copywriting for blogs

In a world where content is king, Elevate understands how important blog content can be for your business. Our copywriters consistently deliver dynamic and shareable blog content that engages audiences.

For blog copywriting, understanding the client’s customers is key. Fortunately, this is the first step Elevate takes in the copywriting process. As a result, we provide content that speaks to your audience. Coupled with SEO copywriting techniques, each piece of blog content is designed to be successful.

Copywriting that integrates digital and traditional media

Our creative copywriters have the digital realm covered. Combining audience and client insight with SEO copywriting they’re able to deliver content that works for businesses online. Although, at Elevate we don’t stop there. Our copywriters work with other departments in the development process to make sure that marketing content can feed back into online interaction.

Print & press releases, direct mail, or sales and event brochures written by an Elevate copywriter is created so that traffic is funnelled into online conversions methods. This includes social advertising, email marketing and the businesses website which all possess their unique interaction experiences for customers, but always lead to a conversion or sale.

Why Does My Business Need SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is how the internet works. It is the way search engines serve websites to photo editors, wives to be and joe blow using his mobile device on the bus.

There is no way around it SEO is here to stay and it is only going to evolve and get more complex.

SEO is solely concerned with the way a search engine reads your site. If a search engine reads a site and decides that it qualifies for a set number of terms and those terms match the content that it is presented on that sites pages then that site will be served to the person that queried that topic.

Although SEO is not a formal qualification at university it is one of the most highly regarded areas of digital media and business today. There are millions of photographers around the world and the only way to get found is to have better SEO then the rest of them.

Can I just turn SEO on?

In a way yes but to do it right will take many hours and a very clear plan of attack. If you attempt SEO and you unknowingly clicked a few buttons thinking you were optimising you could potentially find your site completely hidden from search engines! Not a good place to be.

You can put the right steps into place to allow SEO to start working for you but what is most important is figuring out what kind of photographer you are. The type of photography that you do wedding, portrait, travel will effect every decision made on a sites SEO.

Will SEO Actually Help My Photography Brand/Business?

Yes, take a look at any of the major brands and businesses you are competing against. These photographers will almost certainly be using SEO professionals or even whole teams of developers and designers to help their SEO.

To truly optimise your site for search engines you will need a very considered approach like that of the big brands/business you want to compete with. To grow a bigger following, customer base or brand identity you need SEO.

Can SEO Harm My Photography Business?

SEO like any other digital tool must be used with precision. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing! (putting every remotely similar word in a the back of a page).

e.g. “creative wedding photography, photography for wedding, professional wedding, photographer Sydney, professional wedding photographers, professional wedding photography Sydney, Sydney wedding photographer, Sydney wedding photography, wedding photographer, wedding photographers Sydney, wedding photography services, wedding photography Sydney, wedding video, wedding video Sydney, wedding videographer Sydney, wedding videography Sydney”

These keyword were found when I viewed the source of a wedding photography website, what they do not realise is that these are no longer used by search engines so all they have done is given their keywords away to their competitors!

Not only that they lose juice for every keyword they have! Search engines have become extremely good at determining duplicate content and at not following fake links, these days you will need to play by the rules and if you do SEO will not be harmful.

Are There Any Guarantees With SEO?

The short answer is no. It is impossible to tell what tomorrows new search algorithm will bring but if you take steps to make your solutions future proof you will be in a good place. SEO is a fluid relationship. The more time you spend and the more budget you allow the higher your site will climb.

Can I do SEO on My Own?

Yes, you can. However, it is not recommended for two reasons: First, you must study, research and become extremely adept at using SEO, which is a huge, time-consuming process.

Secondly, to make and support high search engine rankings, you must give fresh, poignant, daily content for your site.

This is not only time-consuming, but it can also be frustrating if you lack the knack for writing.

Can I Do The SEO Myself?

Of course. But what happens when you accidentally miss spell some copy or no follow all you website tags? SEO can be very stressful and it is a huge time zapper. By employing professionals to take care of it you avoid the risk of breaking your current site and it removes the stress of researching keywords.

Is SEO Expensive?

How long is a piece of string? Many different companies offer a range of products with prices going anywhere between free and thousands of dollars. You can buy plugins or purchase monthly or yearly plans with SEO companies.

How Long Do I Have To SEO?

A day, a month a year, forever. You can do a lot in a day and a week but SEO is as much about quality content creation as it is about keywords and XML site maps. SEO is a long-term project that will grow as your photography business does. You will see improvements quickly but they will gradually drop off and it will become more about maintenance then growth. You want a steady increase in views not peaks and troffs.

Do you run any SEO campaigns for your photography business? Do you use plugins or optimise copy? Are all your image’s named accurately and include alt tags? Add your thoughts about tips and techniques in the comments section.