Internal Link Tracking For SEO

Internal linking for SEO

What are internal links?

Internal links are the links that sit within a page on a specific website. These often link to other relevant pieces of content that site within your website.

Internal links vs external links

Why are links important to Google?

Relationships between content

Link value

Setting up an internal linking strategy

1. Determine the ideal structure for your site

2. Decide what your most important content is

3. Add contextual links

Contextual linking: an example

4. Link hierarchical pages

5. Consider adding a related post section

6. Try adding navigational links

7. Add links to your taxonomies

8. Consider adding links to popular or recent posts

More on internal links

Nofollow links

Anchor texts

Internal linking in for SEO

Text link counter

Easy internal linking with our SEO template

Related posts suggestions

Child and sibling block

Orphaned content filter

Go link your content!

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